Perform the indicated operation. 4/7x^2 - 3/2x^3

Accepted Solution

Answer:                                      x²                                   ------- (8 -21x)                                      14                        Step-by-step explanation:I will assume that you actually meant (4/7)x² - (3/2)x³.  Exactly what you meant by "indicated operation" is unclear; I will assume that you meant "factor and simplify (4/7)x² - (3/2)x³."First, find the LCD and then rewrite both fractional coefficients using this LCD:  The LCD is 14, and so we have:(8/14)x² - (21/14)x³We can now factor out x²:(8/14)x² - (21/14)x³ = x²( [8/14] - [21/14]x ), or                                                                    x²                                   ------- (8 -21x)                                      14                                   This cannot be simplified further.